3.1Set Timetables
3.2Set Standards
3.3Set Draws
3.4Registration Support


Set Timetables

Each program has its own timetables and is shown on the particular row of the download page. A timetable file holds eight timetables. All timetables are displayed and operate using the 24 hour clock. If an event does not occur the event time should be set to 0.00, this time is assumed to be non existent and disables all automated features for that event.

If no timetable is used the program will prompt you to confirm that events are actually taking place before entering any result. Using the correct timetable helps the general smooth running of the program and meeting.

Any variations to timetable(s), for example due to additional throws or jump areas, should be copies of the original timetables and stored in unused timetables, these can then be selected manually as the working timetable when needed.

If the timetable file can not be found when the selection is made a message will be displayed indicating that the meeting timetable must be set manually for all events if any event related features are to be used.

There are no default timetables in .TBL file.

See: 4.1, 4.2, 6.3.9, 6.5.2, B3


Set Standards

The program holds two types of standards, AAA standards and user standards. AAA standards are held by the program and can not be changed. User standards are held in a standards file, each standards file holds six standards lists. User standards are typically used for league, division or club records.

This feature is intended to produce a summary of performances that equal or better the related standard. The list can be displayed at any time during the meeting. The user is advised to display and print such lists at the end of the meeting.

There are no default standards in .STD file.

See: 6.3.11, 6.5.3


Set Draws

Event draws are held in a draw order file. Each draw file holds eight full match draws. The use of draws is optional. There are no default settings in the .DO1 file. Draw order files are shown on the particular row of the download page. Draws are normally only set and used for higher profile matches such as finals and can be ignored for a typical league match.

If the draw order file can not be found a message will be displayed. This means the List Prompter, if used, will automatically produce a list of competitors for all events instead of lane draws, throwing orders, etc. This may be important if an announcer is present.

See: 6.3.10, 6.5.4, B4


Registration Support

For senior leagues that operate registration checking a feature exists to match commonly used names that the team manager might use but would not be that used to register the athlete.

E.G. Chris instead of Christopher or Christine.

These names assist in the classification of suggested probable and possible matches against the actual registration list.

See: 6.1.12