6.7.1Show List Settings Manager Updates of Teams of Venues Available
6.7.2Backups Groups Points One Match Backup Point All Match Backup Points All Releted Backup Points
6.7.3Cancel Match
6.7.4Age Group
6.7.5Match Window
6.7.6Title Screen



This group of items allows access to miscellaneous features.



The Show item displays miscellaneous lists, settings and details of the computer being used.

Printer List

This will show a list of printers available to the program.

Program settings

Shows various program and match related settings.

Team Manager Updates

This shows the last time any team declaration was updated.

List of Teams

This displays a list of teams and abbreviations available for use on drop down lists.

List of Venues

This displays a list of venues available for use on drop down lists.

Drives Available

This will display the logical drives currently available to the program.


The Configuration item displays details of the computer being used.



This feature is intended as a disaster recovery option. When the program is running backup points are created. These points hold the state of match information, field series and non scoring information for a point in time. Up to 10 backup groups may be created each with a maximum of 100 backup points. The backup points are sequential and are marked with a time and a Sequential Change Number, SCN.

Backup Groups

This menu allows for the selection of the time range of the desired backup(s).

Backup Points

After selecting the backup group, a menu of possible bacukup points is shown for user selection.

E.G. Selecting the time range for the desired point in time.

See: Appendix A, D3, D5

Delete One Match Backup Point

This allows for the removal of a chosen backup point.


Delete All Match Backup Points

This allows for the removal of all backup points for the current match.


Remove All Backup Points

This allows for the removal of all backup points for all matches of the program.



Cancel Match

If a match is cancelled after being started, this option will automatically fill all unentered results with a blank result where all athletes who are declared will be awarded equal points for the event.

N.B. It is important therefore to ensure all team declarations are upto date before using this option.


Age Group

Age group is a feature to calculate the age groups for a given date of birth. The full date of birth is entered and the results are displayed.

E.G. Working out the age groups for a date of birth 1 January 1980.


Match Window

This option allows for changing the colour, size and match number of the working window.


Title Screen

This displays the program start up screen.



The About item displays information about the current program.