Team Managers

To install the team manager application RIGHT click it and select "Save target as" or "Save Link as".
You can run the team manager program from your download location.

Match Day Program

Double click the league you want from the table below and follow the screens to install the team manager and/or match day application.

LEAGUE Team Manager program Match day program Timetable file Standard file Match draws 1 Match draws 2
National Senior Athletic League (BAL+UKWAL) sanalmgr.exe sanal.exe sanal.tbl sanal.std sanal.do1 sanal.do2
Athletic League xxxmgr.exe xxx.exe xxx.tbl xxx.std xxx.do1 xxx.do2
Midland Senior Athletic League samidmgr.exe samid.exe samid.tbl samid.std samid.do1 samid.do2
Northern Senior Athletic League sanoemgr.exe sanoe.exe sanoe.tbl sanoe.std sanoe.do1 sanoe.do2
Southern Senior Athletic League sasoemgr.exe sasoe.exe sasoe.tbl sasoe.std sasoe.do1 sasoe.do2
YDL Lower (U15/U13) ylmgr.exe yl.exe yl.tbl yl.std yl.do1 yl.do2
YDL Upper (U20/U17) yumgr.exe yu.exe yu.tbl yu.std yu.do1 yu.do2
YAL (Yorkshire & District) (U17/U15/U13 B&G) yadymgr.exe yady.exe yady.tbl yady.std yady.do1 yady.do2