Support Note 1996/1

Modifications included

  1. Added a triple match option.
  2. Added declarations by event.
  3. Added automatic prompting for result pages.
  4. Added late name change detection.
  5. Added lane draws,
  6. Added elementary statistics.
  7. Added display of events remaining/in progress.
  8. Added printing of pre-filled judges field cards.
  9. Improved support for 16 and 25 team divisions.
  10. Added automated registration checking are available where appropriate.
  11. Program files, ".PF1", for all versions before V1.30 are not compatible with V1.30 and after.
  12. All support files, ".TBL" or ".STD", for V1.20 and later are compatible with V1.30 and after.
  13. Large division support file, ".PF2", and draw order files, ".DO1", ".DO2" and ".DO3" are supported from V1.30.

Fault(s) Identified