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Current Release

The current version for 2020 is v3.94.00 (Details)

Historical Releases

Below is a list of changes, updates, fixes and upgrades.
All changes apply to all leagues and programs unless identified otherwise.

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V1.30-1.31 (01/04/96-30/05/96) Details
V1.20 (30/04/94) Details
V1.01-1.05 (09/08/93-29/4/94) Details
V1.00 (08/08/93)


Background to YU
With the creation of the YDL upper age groups in 2013 effectively replacing NJL (JA), YDL upper, YU, has been created with 34 male and female events for U20 (A&B string) and U17 (A string only) plus 8 relays.

Background to YL
With the creation of the YDL lower age groups in 2013 effectively replacing YAL (YA), YDL Lower, YL, has been created with 43 male and female events for U13 and U15 A&B strings plus 5 relays.

Background to SM
The first program developed was Senior Men, SM version 1.0 was devised by the author in 1992 as a result of difficulties observed and experienced as an athlete in a travelling British League team. The prime experience being the wait for final match results at the end of the meeting. Looking at other leagues the situation was frequently worse with teams often leaving without knowing the final match result. Results were often not received until several days later where there was considerable variation in the reproductive quality.

SM was devised with the main intention of removing this delay and creating a standard for match results production. The process to do this optimises the format of final match results for all leagues/divisions and removes the last minute rush to produce a final set of results.

This was trailed with BAL in 1993 and extended to the Northern mens league over the next two years where usage grew throughout the 1990's. Programs were made available for the equivalent Midland, Southern, Welsh and Scottish mens league thereafter. With the change to mixed gender teams in 2004 for Northern Senior Leagues and 2008 for Midland Senior Leagues, those programs are obsolete and have been replaced by new programs Senior Athletes, SA, which now include senior womens events.

Background to SW
Development of Senior Women, SW, has been parallel to that of SM from version 1.0. SW was originally withheld due to on going changes in league structure and events throughtout the 1990's. SW was made available from 2001 for UKWAL and the Northern Womens League, NWL, from 2003. While NWL useage was made obsolete due to merging with mens team in 2004, the program was made available for the Southern Womens League in 2008.

Background to SA
The Senior Athletes, SA, program was developed to meet the needs of the change to joint men and womens teams in the Northern League from 2004. Support for the Midland senior men and women League was added in 2008 and for the Southern senior men and womens league in 2011.

Background to Knockout Men/Women (KM/KW)
These programs ran as pilots in 1994 primarily for the NoE, where usage has increased over seasons. BAL coverage was included at the start along with all the features of the senior programs where appropriate in 1997. KM and KW were adapted in 2007 for the new BAL cup competion.

Background to Knockout Athletes (KA)
This program was developed in 2003 to replace KM/KW where mens and womens teams score as one team. In 2004 has replaced KM/KW for the North of England and BAL. All the features of KM/KW are present.

Background to YB/YG/RW
Development of YB, YG and RW began in 1994. All piloted in 1995, but due to ongoing event developments in the leagues were not made available. All offered nearly all the features of the senior programs with the appropriate age group where required. YB and YG are no longer available due to the merging of the boys and grils league in 2004 and have been replaced by YA. As a result Young Boys (YB), Young Girls (YG) are obsolete from 2004 and no longer available.

Background to Young Athletes (YA)
This program was developed to meet the needs of the change for mixed boys and girls teams in 2003. This program is available where YAL still operates at regional level.

Background to JA
The Junior Athletes, JA, program was developed to meet the needs of the change to mixed gender teams in the National Junior League from 2006. As a result Junior Men (JM), Junior Women (JW) are obsolete from 2005 and no longer available. JA itself has been obsoleted by the creation of YDL.

Background to Team Manager programs
Team Manager programs were created in 2003. These are intented to reduce and hopefully eliminate the delay in entering team declarations by having a club/team manager enter their team prior to arriving at the venue. This might be emailed or supplied via USB on the day or email before the match. There is an equivalent Team Manager program for all match programs. Over time these will be modified or enhanced to meet the requirements of users.


Match day programs

Version 3.80 (2015 - ) Match files (.pf1), team manager declarlaration files (.pf0) and timetable files (.tbl) are not compatible with previous versions due to the change of timetable times to 24 hour format. Version 3.60 (2013 - 2014) due to increased requirements match files and support files before this version are not compatible this version and beyond.

Version 3.00 (2009 - 2012) due to growing information requirements match files (.pf1) are not compatible with match files before 2009. All support files are forwardly compatible up to and including the current download version.

Version 2.00 (2000 -2008) new features are as shown above in relation to each version, all match support files are forwardly compatible up to and including the current download version as shown at the top of page. Team manager files are compatible all versions of with their match day program equivalent.

Version 1.5x Changes included how previous round points are stored, long throws are no longer rounded, support for 9 team large divisions, simplified entry of relay names, enhanced athlete search, longer path names for text files generation and simplification of a number of menu items.

Version 1.4x All program and support files for from V1.30 are compatible with V1.40. Guest event files, ".PF3", are supported from V1.40.

Version 1.30 Program files, ".PF1", for all versions before V1.30 are not compatible with V1.30 and after. All support files, ".TBL" or ".STD", for V1.20 and later are compatible with V1.30 and after. Large division support file, ".PF2", and draw order files, ".DO1", ".DO2" and ".DO3" are supported from V1.30.

Version 1.20 Program files, ".PF1" for V1.0 to V1.19 are compatible with V1.20. Support files, ".TBL" or ".STD", for V1.0 to V1.19 are not compatible with V1.20.

Versions 1.0x V1.0 match files, ".PF1" and ".BAK", are not compatible with V1.0x match files. Version 1.0x support files, ".TBL" or ".STD", are compatible with V1.0. Program files, ".PF1" and ".BAK", can be upgraded on request if required for use with later versions.