Support Note 2001/1

v2.05 (21/06/01)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Inclusion of user controlled multiple printouts for List and Event prompters.
  2. Error produced by a call to missing club list file handled.
  3. Improved result page spacing for all knockout programs.
  4. Track wind readings swapped when "B" race is swapped with "A" race.

  5. 4x100M not reported on team statistics.
    Code altered to include 4x100M.
  6. Incorrect ordering of print messages for Score sheets, DOS programs only.
    code altered to show messages and menus in correct order.
  7. Field series fails to deal with "A" string athlete registering a scoring performance when result is calculated several times, single age group programs only.
    Code improved to account for "A" string failing to register a performance.
  8. Program can be ended by accidental user press of escape key.
    Exit program with escape key removed.
v2.04 (01/06/01)
Modifications and updates included

  1. All DOS programs enhanced for faster processors.
  2. Password entry point moved to after title screen.
  3. Club names an abbreviations box added for team names entry.
  4. Scroll bars added for large displays.
  5. Focus moved to first edit box on all edit screens, enter key now acts as tab key.
  6. Default points for 9 team large division not correct.
    The work around is to manually amend points. Code altered to ensure future selection is correct.
  7. Draw menu not listing the draws read from file.
    Code altered to ensure menu shows draws.
v2.03 (04/05/01)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Added user message for invalid passwords for all programs.
  2. When any Windows program is run on a networked PC the printer detection routine generates an "Access violation" every second.
  3. Some programs behaved unpredictably in normal operation, E.G. entering club names, this prevented entry of the data and resulted in a block in progress of normal operation. This was due to build and web site tranfer methods.
  4. The printer detection routine has been modified to trap and handle the Access violation. However, none of the programs are intended to be run on a network and consequently will still probably not print when used on a network.
    Removed corrupted code included in all v2.02 programs. Web site transfer method changed.
v2.02 (03/05/01)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Browser file generation improved for all programs.
  2. In normal match operation after any event result is saved and printed, a message indicating an "Invalid pointer operation" occurs. In a worst case scenario this will cause the program to end. All data will have been saved and the match(es) will be found when the program restarts.
    While there are work around solutions to this problem which can be detailed if required, it is suggested that upgrading from version 2.01 to 2.02 will resolve this problem. Passwords for v2.02 remain the same as those for v2.01
v2.01 (23/04/01)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Passwords changed for v2.01
  2. Access to Long and Triple jumps is not possible with or without wind readings.
    Code fix applied.
v2.00 (07/04/01) This was first Windows release, includes minor changes to v1.58 of the DOS programs.