Support Note 2002/1

v2.07 (10/09/02)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Browser file format includes better event spacing.
  2. Registration checking for NoE Seniors re-introduced.
  3. Commas removed from standards/AW style summary.
  4. Removed error message when help is called multiple times in windows programs.
  5. Printing not possible from any Windows program under W2000/XP using LPT or USB ports.
  6. Guest event nemu not updating after event name changed.
  7. Prompter settings not being saved when selected manually for multiple matches.
  8. Browser file format not showing club names correctly when there are no relay names declared.
    Code fix applied to resolve all.
v2.06 (01/04/02)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Passwords changed for 2002.
  2. File transfers fixed for Windows programs.
  3. Club list and abbreviations updated with new teams.
  4. "No competitors" message re-introduced for events with no athletes.
  5. Add and subtract non event points on cumulative round points for large divsions corrected.
  6. Improved format of on screen series result checks.
  7. Points recalculated after one or more event results are deleted.
  8. New menu item to load backup file as the current match.
  9. Promotion matches now use letter P as the round character in the filename.
  10. U13 High jump added to Young Girls programs.
  11. Event time durations built into all programs, support file .ETD is no longer needed.
  12. Windows double and triple matches not restarting with matches in the correct order.
    Code altered to restart with correct order.