Support Note 2004/1

v2.13 (16/06/04)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Single age group programs, no direct user access to B string draws in any round.
  2. Single age group programs, events menu miss coloured.
  3. Windows programs under only, file error 103 may occur after entry of a field series result (with or without an event draw).
  4. This may result in the loss of the field series file (.PF2) but not its backup. This means all field series's information is unavailable.
    Code fix applied in v2.13
v2.12 (08/05/04)
Modifications and updates included

  1. All programs, points not allocated to the first relay on the list of events. This results in the event points being incorrect on results and scoring sheets.
    Code fix applied in v2.12
v2.11 (03/05/04)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Event menu colouring added for mixed gender programs.
  2. Documentation formating corrected.
  3. Win/SA default points selection not correct.
    Default points selection corrected.
  4. Win/SA event names on standards list cut short.
    Code fix applied.
  5. Win/SA problem entering M and W 400mh results.
    Code fix applied.
v2.10 (22/01/04)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Team Manager programs available for all programs, see documentation appendix F.
  2. Shorthand entry of results for longer track events, see documentation 5.3.1
  3. Quick look up list of athlete names available for windows programs, see documentation
  4. New Prompter added for automatic detection of AAA grades added, see documentation 4.2, 8.5.7.
  5. Broswer files now includes athlete of the match.
  6. Broswer files now created without shortcut to event names.
  7. Clearer menu and edit field highlighting for windows programs.
  8. Additional option to enter athletes by individual event draw, see documentation 8.1.8
  9. Text orientation now shown vertical in Graphical Timetable display, windows programs only.
  10. NJL and NWL, automatic selection of all points not correct.
    Automatic points updated.
  11. NJL, recall menu sequence does not match actual division names.
    Recall menu selections reduced to match actual division names.
  12. Page prompt requests for multiple copies pushing text off the LHS of page, all programs.
    Code fix applied.
  13. Blank field series card filling details.
    Code fix applied.