Support Note 2006/1

v2.17 (17/06/06)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Restructuring of menus to allow easier access to file generation options.
  2. League division names selection changed to aid clarity.
  3. Mono/colour option removed.
v2.16 (26/03/06)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Support for new NJL competition format.
  2. New support for USB printers added.
  3. Printing of field judges cards supported for all windows programs.
  4. Clearer access to club names and abbreviations added.
  5. Display screens show more information in higher resolution (windows programs).
  6. Result file name extension changed to "TXT" for all programs.
  7. Addition of new browser file format that looks like the paper format.
  8. More flexibility in all team manager programs.