Support Note 2008/1

v2.21.01.13 (18/08/08)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Missing names prompt extended to field series results.
  2. Meeting/AW summary time formating changed.
  3. Additional fields added to full meeting data for AW/AD.
  4. Additional items added to display timetables by track and/or field events.
  5. Additon of options to delete groups of event results.
  6. Team statistics layout changed.
  7. Restructuring of photo timing options.
v2.21.00.03 (06/05/08)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Minor title and wording changes.
  2. Adjustment to internally held AW standards.
  3. Restructuring of Photo timing options.
  4. Page prompter printing - a message may appear after a page of results has been printed where there are no guest results. In such a situation the program will continue to perform normally and the message can be ignored. This message has been removed with v2.21.00.03
v2.21.00.00 (02/04/08)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Additional information added to team statistics.