Support Note 2013

All changes apply to all leagues and programs unless identified otherwise.

v3.60.05 (23/08/13)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Addition of match date as part of match set up.
  2. Addition of total athlete counts list.
  3. Added photo finish information on status.
  4. Addition of age group drop down for U20/Senior events.
  5. Removal of obsolete age group fields for u13/u15/u17.
  6. Completed and Remaining events lists combined to show event states.
v3.60.04 (11/07/13)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Additonal team names added to club list.
  2. Modification to existing team names on club list.
  3. Removal of auto population of non scoring event names.
  4. YDLU - Layout adjustments to events on result pages.
v3.60.0.03 (16/05/13)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Venue presence check added.
  2. Longer path names supported.
  3. Multiple printer support extended.
  4. Photo finish - manual match photos extended to team letters.
  5. Photo finish - removed redundancy and increased comments in lynx files.
  6. Number of non scoring athletes increased.
  7. Number of non scoring events increased.
  8. Non scoring event names are now free text.
  9. Auto populate non scoring event names option added.
  10. Team statistics modified and extended.
  11. Page prompt - message text made clearer.
  12. BAL - Added automatic round by round event name changes.
  13. YDLU & YDLL - access to athlete of the match barred.
  14. YDLL - access to non scoring events barred.
  15. YDLU - U17 individual event result print prompt limited to that event.
  16. YDLU - Correction to male-female division of points on final score sheet.
v3.60.02 (25/04/13)
Modifications and updates included
  1. AVL - Athlete numbers now supported for 9 (3x3) team large division.
  2. Added/amended club names list.
  3. Relay result entry amended.
v3.60.01 (17/04/13)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Removal of user choice to change draw size on starting a new match.
  2. Log file and error messages increased.
  3. YDLU U17 athlete names entry improved.
v3.60.00 (07/04/13)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Changes to support YDL.
  2. Changes to support Southern Mens League.
  3. Adjustments to field card printouts.
  4. Added check for users accidental quit without saving of changes.
  5. Athlete search now includes non scoring athletes.
  6. AAA grade summary by team is printed via the display option.
  7. Removal of AW standards.