Support Note 2014

All changes apply to all leagues and programs unless identified otherwise.

v3.70.01.06 (12/06/14)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Added option to print two athlete numbers on one A4 card.
  2. Adjustments to final results pages.
  3. Automatic generation of non scoring results file with event results file.
  4. Electric/manual performance times detection improved.
  5. Adjustment to entry of joint A&B track events entry and user messages.
  6. Added check for accidental use of "No competitors" option in B strings.
  7. Added match backup points.
  8. Added option to enable/disable match backup points
v3.70.01.01 (01/05/14)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Match date added to restart match menu.
  2. Match printer selected added to printer status.
  3. Adjustments to justification on scoring page information.
  4. YDLU - Adjustments to final results pages.
  5. YDLU - Non scoring events limited to league rules.
  6. YDLL - Non scoring events limited to league rules.
  7. YDLL - Divison names expanded.
  8. Option to manually mark not entered results as "No competitors"
  9. Default match date year set to current year.
  10. Age group added to import/export of team declarations.
  11. Additional user messages and log information added.
v3.70.00 (01/04/14)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Added print monitor.
  2. Added photo finish monitor
  3. New club names added to drop down list.
  4. Restructure of photo finish options.
  5. Expanded photo finish file names for interactive and automatic processing.
  6. Added match window options.
  7. YDLU - Addition of u17 B string track events.
  8. YDLU - Field event throw and Jump cards extended to 6 trails.
  9. YDLU - Automatic timetable selection changed.
  10. YDLL - Addition of u17 Non scoring short sprint and 800m races.
  11. YDLL - Addition of Gu15 300m.
  12. YDLL - Addition of Gu15 4x300m.
  13. YDLL - Automatic timetable selection changed.
  14. YADL - Option for joint A&B sprint race result entry added.
  15. YADL - Modifications to competition names and event names.