Support Note 2015

All changes apply to all leagues and programs unless identified otherwise.

v3.80.0.14 (27/07/15)
Modifications and updates included

  1. Added additional log messages.
  2. Adjustments to competition names menu.
  3. Adjustments to team statistics display.
  4. Backup options seperated and relocated.
  5. Remote location support added.
v3.80.00.06 (05/05/15)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Email availability functionality modified in team manager programs.
  2. Menu titles updated.
  3. Athlete drop down list filtering improved.
  4. YL - Adjustments to the selection of events in relay result.
  5. YAYD - Added support for A&B athletes as one event.
v3.80.00.00 (19/03/15)
Modifications and updates included
  1. Changed all event times to use the 24 clock.
  2. Added retention of prompter states after closing of match and/or power failure.
  3. Added option to turn on/off point in time recovery.
  4. Added gaurd against multiple instance entry data loss.
  5. Removed unused option to enter athletes by event draw.
  6. Added option to cancel a match.
  7. Added options to display miscellaneous lists and settings.